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More About Me

Hello there! My name is Jacob, and I am so excited to meet you! I’ve been playing the clarinet for over 14 years and love sharing the craft with everyone. I believe that making music is something we all love and want to do and lessons are a great way to do that!

Music to me was always my favorite outlet for my creative needs. I looked for as many musical opportunities that I could get into whether that meant playing in two concert bands in high school or joining the local orchestra pit for the civic theater production of Hairspray! Music has always been the place for me to create a beautiful art form and connect with my peers.

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Some of my favorite playing opportunities came from playing in college at Western Michigan University and studying with many professionals in the field. It wasn’t until college when I began taking lessons, and boy, was I missing out! I loved going to lessons because I loved learning more about my instrument, about playing, and about how to become a better musician and problem solver. Music challenges us in such unique and interesting ways that force us to think outside of the box. I attribute many of my problem solving skills to music.

Piano Concert Hall

If I could go back in time I would’ve gotten myself into music lessons at a younger age! Lessons were so beneficial because I was able to get personal one-on-one feedback about my playing and improve at a faster rate than on my own. This was crucial in my music learning and making that happen molded me into the professional I am today.
I believe that lessons and music making should be a positive and fun thing, and that is exactly why I began teaching! My lessons are always full of jokes and laughs. If you’re not leaving my lesson with a smile then I must’ve done something wrong! So what do you think? Want to join in the fun?

Wanna know more about me besides music?

I love swimming and being by the pool which is why I’ve worked at my local city pools every summer since high school. I’ve done everything from coaching swim team to managing the pools' daily schedule. One of the coolest things I’ve found while swimming and coaching competitively is how much practicing music and practicing swimming (or any other sport) are the same!

Some of my other hobbies include reading, video games, and travelling. I love going to new places and experiencing new things whether that be through the pages of a book, the levels of a game, or the trails of another land. Music is a very emotional art and requires the performer to draw on experiences to help portray when words are not enough. I often use these experiences to help find inspiration in my playing and in my daily life.

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