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Is this you?

  • Do you want to play more fun parts in band or orchestra?

  • Want to be in a GREAT ensemble?

  • Looking to score higher in solo & ensemble?

  • Tired of the squeaks and those killer high notes?

  • Interested in preparing for music school?

  • Ever wonder how music works?


If you thought yes, heck even MAYBE to any of these questions, lessons may be right for YOU!

Why are lessons important? Why do I need them?

Lessons are an amazing way to receive personal feedback on your playing! Sometimes the band director isn’t able to give a lot of time to you or your student during class. Proper technique then can be almost a guessing game. Should my fingers be curved or straight? Is this the right fingering for this passage? Where does my tongue go? How DO you do an accent???


These are all questions that can be solved in lessons within moments but often take months to master, and without someone there to properly guide you, you may not grow or get the sound you want at the rate you want. It wasn’t until I started lessons that I truly began to play at my best! And when you are playing at your best, you're having fun and feel confident!


When I teach lessons, my goal is to make sure that my students leave with a sense of accomplishment. Lessons are about improving and growing at a comfortable pace and we do that through music that interests and challenges us. This could be music from Beethoven to the music off the radio! All types of music are an amazing way for us to grow and develop as musicians. Yes, you ARE a musician!

I make sure
 your lessons
are custom to you
                             and work for YOU!

Warm Up Routines that are made for you

 (Everyone warms up before they play. Even Ariana Grande does before singing those whistle tones!)

Band music not clicking? I gotchu.

(Band music may not always be the funnest thing in the world. HECK it may even be harder than we hoped. But we’ll break it down so you’re playing it as easy as a hot cross buns.)

Wanna play with the confidence of Martin Frost or Sabine Meyer? We can work on that.

(Who are these people? We’ll cover them in lessons and learn a bit more about them and other famous musicians)

Along the way we’ll explore how music works and find the cool knick-knacks that make playing the clarinet a blast!


In my lessons I will guide you through all the ups and downs and lefts and rights of clarinet playing. I’ll be your personal cheer coach helping you along the way making sure that good playing becomes great.


Ready to begin your next adventure?

Contact me for more information on your first lesson and let’s start making MUSIC!

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