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Who am I?

The Murfin behind the Music

Hello! Welcome to Murfin Music. My name is Jacob Murfin, and I love making music! I think music is an amazing way for us to learn about the world around us and to learn more about OURSELVES! I always loved playing in band whether that be in middle school or in the local community band. I believe that music should be a fun and positive environment which is why I teach it that way!


Since middle school I always loved helping out my friends in band whether that was working through tricky passages to leading the marching band in high school! My love for music led me to go to school for it and it has been an amazing journey. I learned so many tricks of the trade and tips on how to improve my playing in college that I WISHED I would’ve known in my earlier years that would’ve improved my playing.

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That is why I started teaching lessons. I want the next generation of clarinet players to get these skills while learning in a fun and positive environment. Leaving my lessons with a smile is a must, and I’ll make sure I do everything to make that happen!

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